Sunday, 22 January 2012

mY sWeEt mEmOrY !!!!

     Salam buat semua blogger, :)

                  its been a very very very long time i did not update my blog. . .hehe, there were a lot of awesome experienced that i've been through. . .:) but i always did not have time to write it on my blog. . . huhu. . im kinda busy ooo. . .hahaha
                  Okay, today is Gong Xi Fa Cai !!! hehe. . .for all of  chinese people I wish 
a happy new year to you all. . . :) 
hmm. .today i  
would like to 
share an exciting experienced to you 
all. . .its a vacation 
tooooooo PULAU SIPADAN!!!! hahaha. . its a perfect time to 
release you tension and damn pressure. . . :) hehe. . you also 
can get fresh air there and far from noise city. . .hmm. . .❤ 

       Here a some picture to share with you. . .hope that you enjoy it!!!

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